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SymbolCompany NameExchangeLastChange%ChgBI Rating
AAPL Apple Inc.NSD 207.22 4.63 2.29%
BABA Alibaba Group Holding Limited American Depositary Shares each representing oneNYE 174 1.01 0.58%
DIS The Walt Disney CompanyNYE 140.84 0.99 0.71%
NOW ServiceNow Inc.NYE 293.81 4.07 1.4%
XOP SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Explor & ProductNYE 24.84 0.08 0.32%
BKNG Booking Holdings Inc.NSD 1893.7 11.61 0.62%
GE General Electric CompanyNYE 10.21 0.17 1.69%
TTD The Trade Desk Inc.NSD 249.03 13.72 5.83%
RCL Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.NYE 111.63 1.48 1.34%
VEA Vanguard FTSE Developed MarketsNYE 41.62 0.040 0.1%
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